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Billy Ray Cyrus' Tribute to
Waylon Jennings


"This one hits close to home," explains recording star/actor Billy Ray Cyrus. "I was such a fan growing up, that in high school I took my mom to see Waylon in concert. At the show I bought one of those black t-shirts with the flying W logo on the front. I wore that shirt every day for months until someone either stole it or threw it away to keep me from wearing it so much.

"I would have to say that one of the biggest highlights and honors of my career was getting to know Waylon and Jessi [Jessi Colter - Jennings' wife] personally. It actually had progressed to a point in recent years where they would come over to my house for dinner with the family. And we got to make music together as friends as well.

"The two words I think of now to describe Waylon are 'friendship' and 'music.' In light of his passing I feel those words have a common trait, just like music can live on so does friendship, and that friendship we shared will always be a part of who I am.",_Billy_Ray/

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