Waylon Jennings Memorial Page

Waylon Jennings

~ Our Memorial to the Legend, 1937 to 2002 ~

Still My Hero
This photo was taken at The Waylon Memorial,
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tenn.

Remembering Waylon


Laurie Joulie Take Country Back October, 2002

The Memorial Portrait by the Late
Kenneth M. Freeman.
Options & prices may be obtained by
Clicking the icon for online purchase
at www.waylon.com

Or, by visiting the site of Bonnie Adams,
the late artist's wife, to inquire: http://villavitainternational.com/workshops_Bonnie.htm

Country Singer, J. David Sloan & wife Rhonda,
With Hawk & Marsha,
March 23, 2002 (Waylon Memorial, Nashville)

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Waylon Remembering Buddy Holly:
The Globe Gazette's Memorial Article for Buddy Holly

(No Longer Available, As Shown Here Previously:
"The Globe Gazette's Prior Buddy Holly Memorial Article")

Used with Permission

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A Letter from Heaven
(Written by "DJ DAN")
(Used with permission.)

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Hick'ry's Tribute to Waylon !!!

(Used with permission)
By Hick'ry Hawkins

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created in Waylon's honor: Waylon's Waltz !!!

(Used with permission.)
Choreographer, Lana Wilson, Tucson, Arizona)

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"Letters from Nashville ~~ Hoss Remembering Waylon"

(Used with permission.)
Copyright - Panalama Music Publishing, 2002
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Billy Ray Cyrus on Waylon

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A British View on Waylon

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News of a New Tribute CD ~ According to Metallica

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John D's JD Country Music . Com

Memorial to Waylon Jennings

(Used with permission.)
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The Two of Harts,

Jerry & Pamela Hart,
a duo,

... along with their band, "Saddle Boogie,"
performed many of Waylon's (and Willie's) songs
before Jer's death in 1997, at age 43.

(Now Jer's jammin' with Ol' Waylon -
a dream of his since he was 8 years old!)

The music you hear? That's these fans singing their tribute to Waylon's "My Heroes Have
Always Been Cowboys."
(... one of many of Waylon's songs they covered as the "Two of Harts.)

... To Waylon & to Hawk: Goodbye, Ol' Friends ...