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~ Waylon Memorial, Hick'ry's Tribute ~

Waylon ~

Waylon, are you up there still a-singin’?
Did they give you a brand new guitar?
Did they throw a parade when you came through the gate?
Did you ride in on a Cadillac star?

I can see you and ol’ Buddy Holly
Just a-laughin’ and actin’ like kids.
Waylon, 'though I never met you,
You taught me more than anybody else did.

Well you played it your way - Gave them hell to pay
And you never apologized.
They tried keepin’ you down - Ran you outta town
But you wouldn’t let old outlaws die - I just wanted to tell you goodbye

Waylon, do you think there’s anybody
Who could ever come close to you --
A hard timin’ singer with a good timin’ band
Who might try to walk In the steps of your boots?

I can see you up there with your heroes
In a band that plays awful tight.
Ol’ Waylon, I’ll never forget you
And it’s sure as hell silent way down here tonight.

I had to write somethin’ for him, just to let you folks know.

Goodbye, Waylon.

@ Hick'ry Hawkins
(Used with permission)

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