Letter From Heaven

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A Letter

(Written by "DJ DAN")

Hey, Hoss, how ya'll doin'?

Guess by now yer gittin' over my bein' gone. Man, I just told Jessi, "I'm tired and am gonna take a nap," and it seemed like just a minute later I'm standin' up here with Saint Peter lookin' at the Tally Book. Can't say as I'm surprised. My friends and family knew it was close, and so did I. Anyway, I never write letters but that Dan fellow, the dj I'd met a couple of times, he's a pretty good writer, so I kinda spoke to him and told him to write ya'll a letter from me.

Back to Saint Peter ... he looked at all of it; the drugs and overdoin' things, but then when he glanced at the right side of the ledger, he kinda smiled and I knew I was in. Kinda said to himself ... "hmm ... real generous, ... see you gave a lotta time and money people never knew about ... real kind ...

Funny, ... see ya' know I'm not a "crier," but that thing at the Ryman, man, I had tears in my eyes ... just the way I wanted it. The service too ... good job, Jessi.

Can't believe how clear everything looks here ... 'member how bad my eyes were them last few months? ... so here's kinda what I was hopin' ... all my family, friends and fans will do: "Just play my music once in a while and remember me, but get past that sadness thing." Keep tellin' yourselves "Ol' Hoss ain't in no more pain and he's gonna see all ya'll someday (but not too soon, I hope.)

You young singers, get yourselves a good lawyer and an accountant and 'member what I've always told you; if you're in music for the money, you'd best get the hell out. Do it 'cause you love it and let them professionals take care of the business end. Call them damned radio stations and advertisers and tell 'em to play us legends once or twice an hour. I did when I was in radio and if enough of ya'll call them car dealers and such (remember when I sold radio time for High Pockets Duncan at KLLL?) and say "Hey, Mr. DJ, play ol' Johnny Cash or Waylon or Jimmy Dickens." If 'nuff people call, they'll change.

Probably the biggest thing I want all ya'll to remember is that whether ya pick up trash for the city of Nashville, pick music, or like I was -- you work as a carpenter or store clerk or bus driver, (damn, I hadda lotta jobs outside of music!) always do it the best you can and don't let NOBODY tell you their way is better'n your way, unless they PROVE it to you or at least let you TRY it your way once, so's you can DAMN WELL FIND OUT.

I love ya'll, from every country DJ I ever met, to all my grandkids, to the young kids comin' up on CMT and 'specially to my mom and brothers, Tommy and Bo. I really regret not bein' able to spend more time with ya over the years. I honest to God tried makin' up for every bad thing I ever did and I believe you all know that. I love ya. Whoop Whoop.

Yours 'til we see you up here.


(Used with permission.)

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