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1980 - 2003

BAKERSFIELD, CA: During one of the show's slower songs, Buck Owens gave his band the hand signal to stretch it out, at which point he stepped down from the stage and into the audience. There he met an old friend standing at the foot of the stage. Earlier in the show, he'd sung Jessi Colter's "Storms Never Last."

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Jessi with Waylon ~ Promo Article

Jessi with Waylon

Jessi at Fan Fair Week,
Nashville, 1984
(Photo by Barb Blanchard,
Courtesy of

Jessi Colter, also, 1984 ...


Waylon & Jessi


Sharing the stage ...


Waylon and Jessi, 1984,
Las Vegas

Jessi with Waylon & "Shooter"

Baby Doll Duo

From a 1999 article

"Waylon & Jessi ~ Storms Never Last"

Jessi with Ashley, Jennifer
& Lizzie Rose Mayfield

Jessi singing with
Carl P. Mayfield's P Gang

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