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An account of Jessi's quick wit is recalled in this story about her by a school mate from days at Mesa High, Arizona, where Jessi performed, "Georgia," in a school assembly.

Already a strong talent in her teens, Jessi had belted out this number with surpising poise and skill and was rewarded not only with enthusiastic applause but also by a penny thrown up onstage by a young man close to the front of the auditorium.

To the delight of the assembly, Jessi stepped back up to the mic and coolly remarked, "There's only one kind of animal that throws a scent."

(Submitted by a fellow class of '61 alumnus, Pamela Millet Hart)

This same classmate shares how she was informed that Jessi Colter was one and the same the friend from grade school and high school she remembers (by another name). While attending a Christmas party for the Suzi Arden "Showband" (the band she and her husband had performed with) in Portsmouth, Virginia, this old school friend of Jessi's saw that the very person serving the buffet was an older sister of a close childhood friend from Mesa, Arizona.

So delighted was she to find this familiar face so far from her hometown, Pam and her husband, Jer, spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen with the caterer couple who caught them up with many old friends from home.

The most fascinating tidbit was that Jessi was indeed their mutual pal she'd known since first grade at Lincoln School in Mesa, and with whom she'd sung in the Girls' Chorus at Mesa Junior High in those awful jumpers and blouses.

Pam and her husband, Jer, glowed for six months with this terrific and news! (She'd known that "Jessi" had dated Duane Eddy in high school, but she had no idea that she was the "Jessi" who had recorded "I'm Not Lisa," or who had married Waylon Jennings, a hero to Jer as well as his music was a significant part of the duo's repertoire!)

Pam wrote to Jessi and was so happy when Jessi wrote back in person and sent a signed picture of herself as well. ... and Jessi'd remembered her, too!

Does this face look familiar?
-- 4th grade...

Who IS this cutie?
--5th grade...

Mesa High, 1961

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An appearance in the 80's.

Duane & Mirriam Eddy
"Guitar On My Mind"
An early recording

The autographed picture
Jessi sent to fans in the 80's

"Jessi Colter" album cover
Capital Records Recording Artist

Jessi's (Mirriam Johnson) "Debut" was for Jamie Records
(As remembered by fellow Mesa High students.
Photo is no longer available.)

"Mirriam ~ New Discovery"
First Recording & Biography
(Photo is no longer available.)

Waylon's Angel

Ridin' Shotgun

Country Song Round-Up,
Jessi's Cover,


Lovely Jessi

Nashville Sound,
May, 1976

Randall & Jessi Colter ad from
Guitar Player magazine,

Texas Jam, July, 1978,
Concert Program
(Photo no longer available.)

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