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~ Rest In Peace: "Ol' Hoss" & "Ol' Hawk" ~

It is with extreme sorrow that we report that our dear friend, and co-creator of this site, Hawk, passed away May 24, 2003. Hawk's memorial was held May 31, 2003, at Wood's Funeral Home in Deport, Texas, with Waylon's music played as the life of our beloved Hawk was celebrated.

~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ......

NEW: Since losing our friend, Hawk, there have been many questions come our way for which we've not had the answers. We invite all Waylon's & Jessi's fans and Hawk's friends who visit this site to view and / or sign the *GUEST BOOK* to share any great stories & accounts of Waylon and Jessi, or to post questions you might have about Waylon's and Jessi's music there, in case any of the fans or site visitors may have the answers to those questions.

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Please view and check back often to find new posts and greetings from fans all over!

~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ~ "Ol' Hawk" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ... ... "Ol' Hoss" ~ Rest In Peace ~ ... ... ... ... ......

Good Bye, ol' friend, Hawk!

We lost our good friend, Hawk, May 24, 2003. So many of you have loved "Ole Hawk" for a very long time. Others of you, like us, have been friends for only a very short time, but came to love and appreciate this special individual. We are so grateful to him for allowing us to help in this project.

*Hawk's memorial was held May 31, 2003, Saturday, at Wood's Funeral Home in Deport, Texas, with Waylon's music played as the life of Hawk was celebrated.

Tributes from the family:

Our deepest appreciation goes out to family, friends, and all Waylon fans, for their prayers and heartfelt condolences in our time of sorrow.

Hawk brought great love and joy to our lives and offered friendship to many others. His passion was for sharing Waylon's music to as many as he could. We are very honored to have known and been loved by him.

Hawk, we miss you and will always love you.
Until I see you again, my love, may you go with God.

Love Marsha, and Family


Pawpaw, I miss you so much. I can go fishing now that school is out so if God and Waylon get tired of you can you ask them to send you back to me and mawmaw. I'll love you forever.

Love. Dakoda

We welcome any other family / friends to add their comments via the guest book on this site (click on "sign our guest book" at the end of this page -- or email the web designer at which will be documented in the record of this remarkable culmination of Hawk's vision - a tribute to his beloved Waylon and Jessi.

We send our most sincere sympathy to those closest to Hawk, especially his cherished wife, Marsha, and his family.

... ... ... ... *** News Flash! Jessi Colter Plans New Album! ... ... * News Flash! Jessi Colter Plans New Album! ... ... ...

*** ... ... ... ... News Alert Update! RCA Records announces lineup for I've Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings now to be released July, 2003 ... ... ... ...

*** News Flash! Jessi Colter Plans New Album! ... ... ... ...
Singer-songwriter, Jessi Colter, Waylon Jennings' widow, plans to record a solo album this year with producer Don Was. The Phoenix New Times newspaper reports that the project will veer toward a rock sound. Colter and son Shooter Jennings recently hosted a party and jam session attended by Metallica's James Hetfield (who contributes a track to the upcoming "I've Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings") and former Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Tom Morello (who is producing tracks for the younger Jennings' band, Stargunn.) Colter resides near Phoenix. -- 1/10/03

** News Alert Updated: RCA Records announces lineup for I've Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings Now changed -- to be released July, 2003.
RCA Records has announced the artist line-up for "I've Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings,"   scheduled for release in July, 2003.
        Jessi Colter has authorized the 16-song collection and will contribute a new version of "Storms Never Last," a song she wrote and recorded with waylon.

        Other participating artists include:
        Brooks & Dunn ("I Ain't Living Long Like This");
        Kenny Chesney with Kid Rock ("Luckenbach,
        Sara Evans with Deana Carter ("Mammas Don't Let
          Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys"
        Andy Griggs ("This Time");
        Ben Harper ("Waymore's Blues");
        James Hetfield ("Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's
          Done Got Out of Hand"
        Alison Krauss ("You Asked Me To");
        John Mellencamp ("Are You Sure Hank Done It
          This Way"
        Pinmonkey ("Are You Ready for the Country");
        Travis Tritt ("Lonesome, On'ry and Mean");
        Phil Vassar with Rob Thomas ("A Good
          Hearted Woman"
        Hank Williams, Jr. ("Only Daddy That'll Walk the
        Dwight Yoakam ("Stop the World [And Let Me
        Shooter Jennings, ("I've Always Been Crazy"
        Waylon Jennings ("The Dream")

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Hope ya'll like this web page.

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I've been everything from a cook to a baker and sometimes a trouble maker, but thru it all--Waylon music has been a constant companion.

Waylon music is GREAT MUSIC. "One needs to really listen" to his music, not just hear it. That is a quote from an early Waylon LP liner note, but it is as true now as it ever was.

A ... "gorgeous lady" ... "my lovely wife, Marsha, is a registered nurse and deserves most, if not all, of the credit for salvaging what little good there might be in me."

From Military duty to looking at the world thru a windshield, the crazy path which has been trod thru this land is one that most people would not want to retrace, but the memories have really been a hoot.

On these pages you may find anything from mementos to jokes. Wherever you find me, you will find WAYLON MUSIC.

Life is a crap-shoot---sometimes we feel like we've just hit the big time, while at other times we recognize the person who is being carried in the religious poem "Footsteps."

Enjoy your time here, and "Listen to Waylon."

"You Can't Drive Me Crazy. I Am Close Enough To Walk."

(The sound byte you hear is "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys," a favorite performed by the Two of Harts [the late Jerry W., & Pamela Hart] - a duo who have loved Waylon's and Jessi's contributions to the world of music for many years ... for more information about this duo, go to the link below for the Gallery of the Arts Showcase 2020)

Waylon Jennings and his lady, Jessi Colter

On this site you will find a treasury of information and pix's of our favorite entertainer and his gorgeous wife and partner in life, Jessi Colter. As time goes on we will be adding to the list of our Waylon Music Collection. News items will be added as they become available.

Show reviews, & "Waylonisms" will be added occasionally in place of the spicey salsa so common at El Ranchos in Waylon's native Lone Star State.

Go to the link above to read about Waymore's Blues band's background and band members.

Also -- down the road -- I may include on this site an account of how I originally became a fan and what I like best about the band.


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~ Jessi, Shooter, & Waylon, 1986 ~

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